Start Thinking about Your Future from Now and Do It Right Away

What is the thing that all of us have in common? What is the thing that can bother us from having a good night sleep? Believe it or not, from all the differences that we have, we all are facing the same ruthless entity, Time. And all that we do right now will significantly decide our life in the future.

The technology has developed rapidly and affected how corporations determine their employment system. Job automation is one example. It will eliminate positions that do repetitive tasks. Robots will soon replace us.


But surely there are things that we can do to ensure the safety and well-being of our future, right? And the answer to that is a big yes. But it involves determining what investment and business you must start dealing with.

Pension for retirement

RetirementThere is no such a thing as too early to prepare for retirement. And if you happen to be a corporate worker, your employer should have signed you up for a pension scheme. Usually, it takes 4% of your salary to contribute to your pension saving. But you can increase the number as you see fit. 5% will ensure you a modest retired lifestyle, and 6% slightly above average.

But you should bear in mind that there is another alternative to relying solely on a pension for retirement. You can opt for investment on commercial property, running your own business, or dealing with the stock market.

Commercial property

Property InvestmentOwning commercial property is the safest yet the most difficult to afford retirement plan. Let us assume that you are in the age of thirties by the time you are reading this article. Then if you have a basic income of 35,000 USD per year, which is the average number for most Americans, you can apply for a commercial property mortgage.

Even if the burden might sound overwhelming, commercial property will be much more beneficial than the residential one. First, a commercial property provides a gradually increasing income. And unlike a residential that tends to be more passive and costly in terms of maintenance, you can expect a more frequent monetary gain from a commercial property.

A retail office or a warehouse are two examples of valuable commercial property. The key to gain most benefits out of this kind of investment is by knowing the right place to invest in. A business owner will surely prefer a popular business location than a building in the suburb.

Starting your own business

ProfessionalHaving a business that lasts requires long-term dedication. And contrary to popular belief that says being an entrepreneur is best once a person retires, starting a business while we are still earning salary provides better financial security. And if we are safe, we can bet on a risky business move.

But even if at the end you must take the path least taken, you should have a mature business plan. You must be aware of the fact that there are others who know better than you do. And to be successful in business is not solely by doing what you think is right. You must adapt well to change and other’s opinions.

First, employ experts for writing your business plan. There are business plan writers online who are ready to give you their professional calculation. It is best to go with the online ones because they are more affordable regarding the cost and time you must spend.

Online business writers have experience with many kinds of industry, which is the knowledge you cannot compete overnight. Working with them will make you wiser and more realistic than if you make the plan by yourself.


In brief, your future relies on the moves you make right now. And we shall not rely on the company’s mercy for our retirement. We must take it into our own hands.