A guide to buying dehumidifiers

As you may know, dehumidifiers are used to de-humidify moisture from the air for comfort reasons. In this article, we will give you buying tips for small dehumidifiers. In addition, we will also review some of the most popular small dehumidifiers in the market today. Therefore, if you are looking for domestic dehumidifiers, this guide is highly informative for you.


Buying Guide For Small Dehumidifiers

If you are shopping for small dehumidifiers, check for the overall performance rating. Buy a silent dehumidifier- you do not want to solve one problem by causing another. Of course, it is given that price comparisons are recommended even if we do not talk about it here, so go ahead. Buy a dehumidifier that is worth your money. Moreover, read user reviews before making your purchase. Do not trust everything you read from the manufacturer’s description, especially if you are buying a relatively new dehumidifier. Let someone who has used the dehumidifier confirm whether a certain dehumidifier works as advertised. With that said, here is a great example of each of the most popular small dehumidifiers in the market today.


Eva-Dry E-333

This small dehumidifier is suitable for small homes. It is very effective in absorbing excess moisture from the air, though it is slower than other brands in the market. Once it gets saturated with moisture, you need to connect it to a power source for it to expel this moisture.

ProBreeze PB-02-US

If you live in a small apartment, this is the dehumidifier for you. Portable, the ProBreeze dehumidifier has a great design that fits into your house décor. Every aspect of its design from the color to its overall appearance gives a good indication of a great dehumidifier. Furthermore, you can move it from one place to the other in the house in the search for comfort. It uses thermoelectric cooling technology to dehumidify the air. It can remove as much as 9 ounces of moisture from the air in a day.

1BYONE 400ML Dehumidifier

This is another great dehumidifier for a small home. Just like the ProBreeze, it works effectively. It is based on the Peltier technology hence it actually operates more silently than the Eva-Dry brands. Its dehumidifying capacity is 60 Oz. of humidity per day. Its 14-ounce tank makes it possible to operate continuously for two days. It has easy controls. For instance, it has an automatic shut-off function. It also has indicator lights for the capacity of the tank. Overall, this is a compact dehumidifier. Its piece is also pocket-friendly.


In summary, you will find each of these dehumidifiers useful in one unique way. Therefore, what matters is what you want your humidifier to do. You just need to consider your special dehumidifying needs, and the right dehumidifier is available for you.